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Product Development Engineer (HIRING BONUS INCLUDED)

Milwaukee, WI · Architecture/Engineering
Global Power Components:
We have over 350,000 square feet of production in Milwaukee, WI. Our product line is diverse in Utility, Power Grid, Standby Power Generation, Renewables, and Data Center. All of our products are custom for bid spec jobs and many of those are multiyear contracts that provide years of visibility.
We are a relatively young manufacturing company filled with talented and hardworking people that became tired of working the corporate world. Not much office politics here.

Product Development Engineer/Project Engineer:
The Product Development engineer will manage product design improvements, prototyping, and help create custom design builds for large scale end users. The Product Engineer will work across all of our product ranges. This position will report to our Operations Manager and work closely with our Industrial Engineers, Production Engineers, Finance, and Sales.

Hiring bonus:  $5,000 depending on experience and fitment. The upper end of the hiring bonus would have to have experience in Industrial Engineering and/or 4 to 5 years of experience in managing product development.

Daily Functions:
  • Take our main custom product and streamline the design and components for a much higher level of production. This is the number one priority for this position. This will require design changes that will be driven by end users more than our companies manufacturing capabilities.
  • Analyze information to determine feasibility/design of proposals.
  • Manage a list of projects that may constantly be changing depending on a number of variables. We have quite a few legacy designs that need updating and simplifying.
  • Project management of design changes including design, budget, timing, and communication with other departments.
  • There will be short meetings with IE’s and Production Engineers to understand design criteria and help innovate and improve the product.
  • Manage and/or assist in testing, validating, fabricate fixtures and prototypes, writing test reports.
Required (Basic) Qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution required.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in manufacturing/operations.
  • Should have a very high level of proficiency with AutoCAD and Solid Works.
Should You Apply? Are you a fit?
Can you do the job?
Critical thinking skills, strong communications skills, and lots of follow up. Are you able to challenge yourself and others in a positive way and get results? We don’t care how many degrees you have, where you went to school, or your past accomplishments.
Do you want to do the job?
Is this your passion? Manufacturing massive complex assemblies, meeting deadlines, and moving the needle for big jobs that make a big difference is our passion. If your passion is singing… well there is always AGT.
Do you fit the culture?
A good sense of humor is must. We want to hire people who will pick us up when we have a bad day and vice versa. A person that will listen to us vent instead of pilling on. Nothing ever goes perfect, however things are easier if you’re surrounded by coworkers who care and are there to help.
If you are in doubt… call for a phone interview. We will take the time to discuss in detail.


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